by Dustin Cassidy

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released July 14, 2017



all rights reserved


Dustin Cassidy Tokyo, Japan

From the hazy and rainy cities of the American Northwest - Seattle and Portland - multi-instrumentalist Dustin Cassidy started playing the piano and composing at six years old. He has written music for films as well as for a wide variety of other genres. Since 2008 he’s been based Tokyo, Japan and has found the neon tinged, real life cyberpunk landscape an ever-present influence on his music. ... more

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Track Name: Strange Light
"Strange Light"

I saw you sitting next to him,
with your flat ironed hair and your slinky dress
Through the smoky izakaya din
I shot a wink and an evil sordid wayward grin

I motion and you sneak away,
You met me by the door, I said "you wanna get outta here?"
The smirk on your pretty face
said "grab me by the waist, take me out into the night"

Into the Night,
and into the strange light
The smell of your hair,
smoke in the air
in the strange light

Off the crowded street, full of freaks
In an alleyway we kiss as deep as an abyss
said you wanna go get a room?
You looked down at your feet and said, "I'll leave it to you"

The click of your stiletto heels
Echos off the marble floor as we go down the hallway
Pull out the key and slide in slow
I see you get undressed in the window as I stair at Kabukicho

Into the Night,
and into the strange light
The smell of your hair,
steam in the air, as we
fade to white

And I know they'll be looking for us (Down)
Let me call you a cab, I think its best we split up (up)
As I watched her float off in the twilight (Down)
She began to fade into, that strange light (up)
She began to fade into, that strange light (down)

Into the Night,
and into the strange light
The smell of your hair,
smoke in the air
in the, strange light

Into the Night,
and into blinding light
The smell of your hair,
steam in the air
in the, strange light
Track Name: Roppongi Haze
A row of white roses, lines the alter
As you sit there kneeling motionless
And as the world, spins around you,
You talk to the air, as if someone is there…

Praying is easy
Something you can do
To hide away the feeling that
You’re paralyzed
Standing on the side
You’re paralyzed

The smoke from your incense
Along with your request
Drifts away and dissipates to nothing and,
I’m not quite sure
What the point is,
Of praying to a man
Who’s made up his plan
Track Name: October Air
You wake up at 5pm
Smack down the snooze and then
You wake up again

It's already dark outside
Last of the twilight
Make some coffee

You put on your docs and your pea coat
And lock the door behind you

You lean back against the wall
Take a sip to the forget it all
Close your eyes and inhale deep and
by this air you're almost there

You're almost there
October Air
Has taken you there
Has taken you
Transported you

Step off of the train and then you pull out your flask again
Unscrew the cap
Plop down on the bench and sigh
You blood shot and tired eyes
Inhale deeply

This mist is rising and it's about to talk you with it
Track Name: Unlimited Ammo
Up to my waist in shells,
My shoulder's killing me
but I won't cease fire
No I won't cease, I won't cease

No need to change the magazine
Just hold my finger down
and spread the fire around
so and sit back and enjoy the show
cause I have unlimited (drum fill)


So you think you can censor me?
So you think you can hide, in your, safe space?
So you think you can damage me?
So you think you can lie, defame and de-face?
And you know you can act with immunity
When you've garnered the power of sympathy

When you're a victim you can do no wrong
You pretend you're helpless yet you think you're strong
Still you know that you can never win
So you throw out your childish distractions